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Integration with your Tire Inspection Technology and DMS

UpdatePromise now has enhanced tire options and proprietary integration with TraXtion technologies and TR Wholesale Solutions data for Honda dealerships.

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"Sell through transparency, education, and information."

Honda Tire Program - How does this work?

Customers simply drive over your Tredspec or Get Their Tires Scanned with the Groove Glove and we'll do the rest!

  1. When completing the Vehicle Check-In, you will see your tire measurements automatically populate in the new Tire Container, showing tire conditions from Tire Profile's TreadTrack report and OEM Tire Recommendations from Tire Rack.
    • The measurements will also auto populate on your Honda and Acura OEM MPI Forms.

  2. Offer your customers the best recommended tires and service package based on preset OpCodes in your Tire Settings.

  3. Customers are now ready to approve the recommended tires and related services which will be pushed to your DMS automatically upon completing the Vehicle Check-In.

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Honda_Tire Profiles Integration

Streamline your Consumer Experience Solution


Nothing beats integration

UpdatePromise is already integrated with your DMS. Now, with TraXtion and TR Wholesale Solutions integrations, your team can eliminate double entries and streamline your tire program with your Consumer Experience Platform and DMS!

We believe in transparency

Our Tire Program offers TraXtion equipment and software fees upfront, unlike most competitors. Not to mention, we are quite competitive in pricing!



Software and Reporting + Basic Scan Summary

Designed to be Simple

  • Identify urgency of need for tire replacement with
    green, yellow, and red tread depth levels
  • For green and yellow tires, Predictive
    Wear Indicator logic estimates a date when tires
    will need replacement 
  • Builds trust and transparency between your shop
    and the consumer
  • Improves customer interaction for easier selling
  • Provides real-time information about vehicle tire wear
  • Details braking distance capability relative to healthy tires
  • Identify possible repair work needed


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