Service Financing

Offer you guests financing options for their service repairs and damages because their safety is priceless.

See our three tiers for customer qualifications for financing, based on your client's relationship with your dealership.

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Tier One

  • Purchased the car at dealer
  • Financed the car at dealer
  • Returned to the dealer for service

Tier Two

  • Did not purchase car at dealer
  • Dealer has some data on the customer.
  • Soft-pull on credit

Tier Three

  • First time at dealer
  • Dealer has no data on the customer
  • Hard-pull on credit



How does it work?

Application Process

Customers can apply for financing through various mediums with a minimum service balance of $350.

Pre-Qualified: Soft pull on credit
Full Application: Hard-pull on credit

Applications process in less than 5 minutes and customers will receive a text notification upon arrival.


Appointment Scheduling

Avoid double entries and have an already integrated appointment scheduler in your Consumer Experience solution with UpdatePromise.


Tablet Vehicle

With UpdatePromise's tablet vehicle check-in you'll be able to present your dealership's service menu like a professional and increase your upsell dollars on the service lane.


Video and Photo-Enabled MPI

Digitize your MPI form and attach photos and videos for your customers to approve within quarter time of their repair cycle.

Apply Financing in the Consumer Experience

UpdatePromise offers financing to be applied to various parts of your Consumer Experience solution. Financing 


Appointment Scheduling

Customers can apply for financing when booking an appointment through the online widget or your call center rep can send financing applications during an appointment booking. 


Tablet Vehicle Inspection & Digital MPI

Service Advisors can upsell services on vehicle issues that require immediate attention upon MPI completion.

Customers can also view the monthly payment of services in Glovebox when approving or deferring services and apply for financing.


UpdatePromise's Glovebox

Customers can apply for financing when booking an appointment through Glovebox.

They will also be able to see which RO's are eligible to apply for financing alongside their ongoing and past financing plans.

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