Mass Recall Campaign 

Alert your customers of open recalls via text or email in one click of a button.

UpdatePromise simplifies sending mass communication to thousands with just one message and in just one click of a button!

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Mass Communication via Text or Email

Inform your affected customers about all open recalls via text or email. Messages are customizable and brand-specific. Want to save time? Save message templates!

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Eliminate Manual Messaging

Create and one text/email and send it to thousands in one screen and at the click of one button. We took the manual work off of your late because we know what it's like to be busy.

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Marketing Platform with Proper TCPA

With the proper TCPA express written consent, dealerships can send promotional marketing materials to customers. Keep everyone informed of your latest deals!

Demo Mass Recall Campaign

Broadcast Communications

  • Alert customers about open recalls
  • Send your message to thousands all at once
  • Communicate to virtually anyone
  • Attach your appointment link
  • Send promotional marketing materials*

*With proper TCPA express written consent only.

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100% Customizable

  • Create your own message for text or email
  • Brand-specific message available
  • Save messages as templates
  • Eliminate creating multiple messages manually
I want to sincerely thank you for all your help during these tough times. The text message campaign we sent out increased our business by almost 50% since the start of the pandemic.
- Chris Hansen, SF Honda, Service & Parts Director