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Embracing the symbiotic relationship of Human + AI

Meet Harmony

She answers customer calls 24/7 and sets real-time appointments, leaving no customer behind.

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Harmony AI Increases Employee Efficiency

Increase Employee Efficiency

This innovative solution not only enhances our capacity by 30 full-time equivalents (FTE) but also boosts productivity by 1 hour/person/day.

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24/7 AI Assistance

With support for French and Spanish, Harmony AI caters to diverse guest needs. From conversation transcriptions and recordings to a three-level escalation process and real-time reporting, Harmony AI offers a comprehensive suite of features.

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Performance Dashboard

View Harmony’s performance at a glance on your dealership dashboard. Available on desktop and mobile devices!

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Satisfied Customers & Dealerships

Increase employee productivity and capacity with Harmony. Some dealers consider the AI feature as an employee.